Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whitetail Woods: Gun Safety, How Important is it to You?

Our intrepid deer stalker Rick Kratzke, has some important information for gun owners!

Whitetail Woods: Gun Safety, How Important is it to You?#links

This might be a bit harsh or maybe even radical compared to what you normally see and read here but, it is something I have become aware of and something I think everyone should take a minute and think about.

There is so much in going on in the country today between the war in Irag & Afghanistan, the battle with drug cartels, terrorists planning and completing plots on our own soil and that is just talking about people from outside our country.

Mr K makes a salient point and strongly urges us to safeguard our firearms in these troubling times!

Mike S

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping to point this out for all. I firmly believe that in order to protect ourselves and our belongings that in the end it all rests in our hands.

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