Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shoot Where You Look

Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors: Shoot Where You Look

Found this link through The Rasch Outdoor Cronicles also! It is a great post for anyone trying to pick up some shotgunning skills on the cheap.

Mike S.

Learn to Shoot, Learn to Hunt

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Learn to Shoot, Learn to Hunt

This is a great Post by the number one outdoor Blogger Albert Rasch. It is a multi-part article for the beginning shooter. The other parts are for the beginner hunter who is either thinking of starting or is about embark on the journey and needs a little advise.


Nebraska Hunting Outfitters: Frequently Asked Questions: Part I

Nebraska Hunting Outfitters: Frequently Asked Questions: Part I

Here is my first "link" post. I found this originally on The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles. It is a two part series were Nebraska Guide Scott Croner, gives really good advice to any aspiring turkey hunters.

What I liked about it is the well thought out step by step answers laid out by Scott. You get a real feel for how to prepare and what to expect.

It is a good article, and I am glad to post it first!

Mike Spinelli

Why I'm Blogging

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt at communicating to the world at large!

I've been thinking about blogging ever since I started reading everyone else's blogs. I'm really not a "communicator" like some of you guys, but I know good writing when I see it. So I think I am going to concentrate on just letting blog readers know about the myriad of posts out there that I think are really good.

I read about cooking, travel, hunting, fishing, gardening, permaculture, bicycling, Reading, and a couple of other things that entertain me!

For now what I contemplate doing is gathering together Blog posts that I think are good, commenting about them a bit, and letting everyone know about them.

I think that's a good way to start, don't you?

Thank you!
Mike Spinelli